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Venus Freeze Reviews : “It’s Worth it.”

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productfocusThe Venus Freeze machine is truly a globally acclaimed and industry accepted skin care system. Whilst relatively new to the UK it is not hard to find enthusiastic Spa, Clinic and Salon owners abroad who have already tested the Freeze Machine in their premises to speak favourably of their experiences.

USER COMMENT: “Venus Freeze is Worth It. Dr. Walden and Her Staff Are Great!”
No matter my weight, I have never been able to lose that “inch to pinch” underneath my chin. It has always bothered me especially in pictures and when I smile. I learned of a non-surgical treatment for my problem area called Venus Freeze which was inexpensive and had no down time. The treatments feel like a hot stone massage. Very relaxing! After the first 3 treatments, I noticed the skin getting tighter and less fat to pinch. I just finished my 6th treatment and see a big difference. No extra chin showing in pictures now! I’m so happy!” - L. Elle Posted 10 Jan 2013 | Spent $1,000 in Austin, Texas

USER COMMENT: “Venus Freeze for Wrinkles on Face
I am 41 years old. I am noticing more wrinkles and overall droopiness on my face. My neck is getting droopy. I have chest wrinkles. I decided to try Venus Freeze in all 3 areas. It is FDA approved for wrinkle treatment. I have had 1 treatment. I noticed a difference imediately. The biggest confirmation is in the morning when i wake up. My skin can be more wrinkly than normal due to sleep on a pillow in one position for hours. The wake up wrinkles are gone! I notice this on my face an my chest! I cannot wait for the next treatment!” - 4824anon Posted 1 Oct 2012 | Spent $1,400 in Temecula, California

Posted on January 13, 2013 in Latest News, Radio Frequency Machine, Venus Freeze