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Venus Freeze Facial

It is widely reported that many celebrities use the ‘Venus Freeze Facial’ treatment. Yasmin Le Bon and Lisa Snowdon are both fans. That’s because the Venus Concept machines have proven time and again that they can achieve spectacular results for skin tightening and facial contouring to the face and neck.

Users of the Venus Freeze Facial treatment have achieved tighter pores and bouncy, firmer skin in just a few sessions. In America it has already been labelled the “Face Lift of the Future” by the media for it’s non-surgical, safe and simple application to get real and noticeable results. A course of treatments is recommended and treatments last 30 minutes.

The Freeze Facial treatment was recently featured on VOGUE.COM news.

Facial Treatment by Venus ConceptVenus Freeze Facial at Neville Hairdressers:

Vogue reports on Venus Freeze Facial TreatmentsDon’t be put off by the name, of all the non-invasive treatments around to tighten ageing, saggy skin, this may be one of the most effective. It operates by combining Pulse Magnetic Fields (MP2) and Radio Frequency (RF) to raise the temperature of the skin. This causes CONTROLLED thermal damage and thereby stimulating  the skin to repair itself. Think of it like a scab and the nice new ‘baby’ skin underneath! Not that it hurts. Not at all. Claire applies a layer of glycerine to your face and then just runs the Venus Freeze hand-piece over your skin, warming it, as though you were sitting in the sun. Most people fall asleep and when they awaken, boom, you won’t believe the difference it’s made when you look in the mirror! It’s good to have before a night out.”

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Hollywood’s Hottest New Anti-Aging Treatment

Leading Hollywood Dermatologist Dr. Lancer uses the Venus Freeze on many celebrities as an anti-ageing treatment. His clients love it because it is quick, effective and painless!  Lancer says the Freeze anti-wrinkle  treatment “works well, it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t require any maintenance. I mean, how much better can you get than that?

Also appearing in the The London Evening Standard.

The high-tech treat -The Magnetic Melt” by Venus Freeze

London Evening Standard reports on the Venus FreezeIt feels like a relaxing facial massage but the Magnetic Melt takes just 30 minutes to deliver gentle skin tightening and leave your skin glowing. It can even be used on drooping eyelids.

The treatment is non-surgical, non-invasive. The Venus Freeze combines Radio Frequency treatment with Magnetic Pulses that stimulate the skin to produce new collagen and elastin that helps tighten the skin. More than ever advanced treatments can deliver natural but noticeable improvements.”

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Professional Testimonials

The Venus Freeze is widely available and used across the globe. It has undergone both clinical and real-life consumer testing by leading Cosmetic Consultants and Dermatologists.

“After a 6 month period using the VENUS FREEZE radio frequency system I can state that my patients were very content with the experience. They felt no pain at all during the procedure. VENUS FREEZE is a great addition to any aesthetic centre.” – Dr. Maurice A. Adatto, M.D. is who is a Dermatology Surgeon and Medical Director of SKIN PULSE Dermatology, Laser & Beauty Centers in Switzerland.

After 8 months of use, I really get marvellous results for tightening neck’s skin and décolleté. Patients are very happy of the outcome without performing surgery. We have observed a real progressive rejuvenation of skin over 6 months due to the fibroblasts stimulation secondary to Venus Freeze treatments. Four sessions for treating the face and neck are enough followed by a maintenance therapy every 6 months.” – Dr. Pierre André,  M.D. who practises in Paris and Geneva.

Dr. Joseph Ajaka, M.D. a Cosmetic Surgeon at the Cosmos Clinic in Sydney, Australia says:
“The Venus Freeze has delivered results above and beyond our expectations. Our patients have noticed fat reduction, tighter skin and an improvement in cellulite and wrinkles. Our staff has found the machine very easy to use and straightforward allowing communication to patients much easier. Patients also feel very relaxed and at ease. We were very satisfied with our first machine that we bought a second!”

In practice, the difference between FREEZE and other devices is clear, with the FREEZE providing more rapid and visible results. The treatment is safe and painless and allows for immediate return to daily activities.” – Dr. Daniela Nunez, M.D. a Dermatologist at Slim Clinique in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

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